We Will Not

Lyrics "We Will Not"

No we will not
Ugh, no

No we will not stand here in silence
While they take the lives of our brothers and sisters and partnas
We will not turn a blind eye to the murder with no repercussions
Oh no, we will not
We will not live on our knees, we will die on our feet
This ain't no lie that I speak
All you youngin's out here in the streets only wanna shoot people who look like you
You can stay home, you too weak
Oh no, we will not go and repeat the mistakes of the past
Ignorin' the snakes in the grass
Payin' you cash
Still we pray and we fast
'Til one day that's your ass
We will not ask for no war
No-no-no-no-no-no, but we will be prepared for one
Hopin' not with a gun
With the unity, using the same shit you did to destroy me
We sick of the garbage you kickin' and teachin'
And lynchin' us, lockin' us up for no reason
And killin' us, no consequences, convictions, you serious?
Lyin' about what you show in the media
Assassinate all the leaders who leadin' us
Leave us with ones who misleadin' us
Then go and reward all the ones who mistreat us
And leave us in projects and give us these poisonous products
On top of narcotics to push to our sisters and brothers
Like them ain't our sisters and brothers
No we will not be run amuck, led astray
Or bamboozled, the buck'll be stoppin' today
See what happen when athletes'll no longer play for you
Tell them accountants to pray for you
On respect or just respect what that paper'll do
Look up, it too late for you
Droppin' you off
Turnin' them profits to loss
When we won't go shop in the mall
United we all, stuck in this bullshit together
Showin' these folk we just won't take whatever
Or else they just roll up and shoot up whatever
Just like they've been doin' forever
The niggas swear they hard be huffin' and puffin'
But ain't gon' do nothin'
The enemy try 'em
They wait behind enemy lines
Why you tryna be so friendly now?
Handle your business now
And we won't fear nothin' but judgement from God
Standin' there lookin' at me sayin' you ain't do nothin'
I bless you when you ain't invested in nothin'
Just kept up the cycle of death and destruction
Ignornin' your neighbor won't help him but helpin' yourself
Just like the devil himself, hmm
Promote all that fornication
All that baby makin', ain't no baby raisin'
For a generation
Now they trapped in systems cause incarceration
Was inevitable due to education
Substandard institution never cared
J's drop, buyin' every pair
Crack rock, crip, blood, all the 80
GDP and whatever else separate us
Hip-hop, king you finally made it
Your time to take it
Pass Martin Luther
All that money and you still blew it
Didn't save and you feel stupid
ITunes came and they bootleggin'
What you get for bein' hard headed
God damn nigga
Might as well gon' and go to hell nigga
Cause I tried as hard as I can nigga
I know you only a man but God damn nigga

[Outro: Malcolm X]
They don't scare negros today with no badge, or no white skin, or no white sheet, or no white anything else. They police the same way, they put their club upside your head and then turn around and accuse you of attacking them. Every case of police brutality against a negro follows the same pattern --- they attack you, bust you all upside your mouth and then take you to court and charge you with assault. What kind of democracy is that?

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